Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shri Ganeshay Namah

Happy Ganesh Chautarthi

Hope you all had a Happy Ganesh Chautarthi.....Although generally we would prepare boondi ladoo for Ganesh Pooja this time I thought of preparing these South Indian beauties that I had been looking at in various blogs for sometime now. The Ammini Kozzukhattai I had seen On "Nalini's Blog "sometime ago & her pics were so gorgeous that i tried them instantly. They are a big hit in my household now & I make them often along with Sambhar Dosa.  For recipe please see Ammini Kozzukattai

The Modak I have seen posted on various blogs & I just tried my own version by adding some pureed beetroot to the rice dough to give it colour. The last version I saw was on Sharmi's Passions Modak.
Please do click on the link for recipe.

Hope you enjoy....