Monday, July 23, 2012

Milk Badam / Milk prepared with Almonds & Pistachios

A lot my memories related to food date back to my childhood. I still remember the days when we would be getting ready to go to school & Mom would be rushing to complete all her morning chores including feeding us before we left . With the very hot , humid & rough North Indian summer  one of her chores was always to prepare some kind of shake to shake off the heat. The list was pretty long-mango  shake, banana shake, coffee shake , roohaffza shake & not to forget the all time fav's milk badam . Milk badam is milk prepared  with almonds, saffron & cardamom & is such a popular drink in North India that it even finds it place in big & small restaurants & outlets. One such outlet also stands tall in my hometown serving the most delicious milk badam in small bottles that itself fascinated us as kids . The flavor was somewhat distinct & tasted quiet vanillaish ( as I can now figure out) . So here comes my recipe for the vanilla flavored milk badam .


2 cups milk / 500 ml (  I used whole milk)
4-5  crushed cardamom pods
5-6 strands of saffron
1 tablespoon sugar ( I used agave nectar)
3/4th tsp vanilla custard powder ( I used Brown & Polson Brand)
10-12 mixed nuts - almonds & pistachios / blanched & finely chopped
2 tablespoons water or as required for diluting the custard powder


Bring milk to a boil & add cardamom seeds & saffron to it, let it simmer on low heat for 5-6 minutes so it absorbs all the flavors . Now add sugar or a sweetener of your choice. Keep stirring so the milk dosent stick to the bottom of the pan. Dilute custard powder in 2 tablespoons of water & add to the boiling milk stirring continuously. Let the milk simmer for another 2-3 minutes. Switch off the heat & let the milk cool . Once the milk is at room temperature , pass it through a strainer to get the layer of cream ( malai ) out  that might have formed on the milk. I do this coz I personally don't like malai in my milk. Now add the blanched & finely chopped almonds & pistachios & refrigerate for atleast 2 hrs or add ice-cubes if you need to serve it right away. 

Enjoy the easy breezy nutritious milk badam .................


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