Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to clean Sarson ka Saag / Broccoli Rabe

Yes guys -my today's post is featuring a simple yet tedious process -how to clean sarson ka saag / broccoli rabe. This post is inspired by my "Mom's Special" as well , as it always intrigued me on how she did everything with great precision & love . With a lot of vegetables being seasonal in India saag was available only in winter's & I can still visualise on how my mom would sit on the roof top of our house warming up in the sun on those extremely cold wintery days & would always be doing something like peeling fresh pea pods , chopping vegetables , knitting & one of the most tedious jobs of all- cleaning saag. I had always heard her asking the passing by street  vegetable vendor if he had "Gandalon wala saag" ( gandal is the thick stem of the saag) coz according to her it was the thick stems that made the saag ooeey gooey. So while basking in the sun she would chop off the saag with great precision , chopping the leaves very finely & peeling each stem to the core. Needless to say the result was more than a 100 % as she made the best saag I've ever had.

Start by separating the leaves from the stems ........

Now peel each stem with the  help of a knife or even your hands starting at one end. You will see there is a fibrous layer on each stem that comes off easily . Once the stems are peeled, chop the leaves & stems very finely & wash thoroughly 6-8 times to get  out all the impurities.  It might sound easy but as far as my experience goes my shoulders start drooping by the time I'm done cleaning & peeling  one bunch ......2 bunches - noooo way . 

I sincerely hope this post helps some of our 1st timers in the kitchen ............

Coming up: sarson ka saag / makki ki roti 


  1. i can not resist myself when i saw sarso ka sag want to grab it just now
    nice tips for cleaning

  2. its so not saag season here yet dear but useful post which i ll come back to once saag starts pouring in

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    Great work.

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  5. very helpful tip. love the sarson ka shaag and roti click. cant wait to see the post.

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  11. I love sarson ka saag and makki ki roti..yummy meal.

  12. Thank h sooooooooo much...this is exactly what i was looking for