Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cream Cheese Marble Brownies

Yes Guys ....I have been away & missing all the beautiful recipes being posted on Blogosphere  for a long time now. Since i was missing baking as well , this  time I decided to do  something quick  -somewhat the Semi-homemade kinds .  Since it was also celebration time for one of our dear friends  & neighbor's -who moved into a big  
dream home -these brownies seemed to be  a perfect dessert for a get together. So Congrat's once again to our Dear friends S & K for  moving into their Dream home. And without further ado here comes the recipe.

1 Pack of Brownie mix ( I used Ghirardelli) 
Make batter as per package directions. 

Cream Cheese topping:

1 pound , 16 oz package of cream cheese at room temp.  ( I used Philadelphia)
3 tablespoons confectioners sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract


Preheat  oven to 325 degree F . Prepare a 9" x 13 "  pan - lining it with silver foil will help pull out the brownies very easily. 
Prepare brownie mix according to package directions . Transfer the brownie batter to baking pan spreading it evenly. Save 1/4 cup of the brownie batter for later use to give the brownies a marbleized effect. 

Prepare cream cheese topping by giving the cream cheese a good whisk , add sugar & whisk again. I used the food processor attachment to make the cream cheese batter) Add the egg & vanilla extract & give it a good whisk so as to get a smooth batter. Spread the cream cheese mix on top of the brownie batter evenly. Now add the saved brownie batter in 10-12  dollops  over the cream cheese . Spread the brownie dollops with the help of a skewer or the tip of a knife or fork so as to get a marbleized effect on the top. Bake at 325 F for 30-35 minutes. Insert a skewer to check & see that the skewer does not come out absolutely clean. It will have a little wet crumbs on it. Let the brownies cool for 2-3 hours & refrigerate for another 2-3 hrs so as to get the perfect cut brownies. Cut into squares & enjoy. 


  1. Superb looking..so tempting..... n wonderful clicks..

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  3. Nice to see back after a break...Brownies look so tempting and delicious.

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  5. Simply irresistible brownies...

  6. Good to see your post Alpana. The marble brownies look fantastic. Great photography as well :)

  7. The brownies look so decorative..

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  11. Brownies look drool worthy......I am carving for this right now...

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