Thursday, September 15, 2011

23rd post & 3 Awards

Hello Fellow Friends,

When I started this blog 2.5 months ago I knew nothing about the blogging world. Although I had been nagging my husband for quiet some time to design a website for me where I could just file all my recipes for my friends & family & for myself - it just never happened. One fine day as I was googling  the internet for some recipe there was this link on the right corner of my screen saying " create your own blog". I hesitantly clicked on it to see what it was.....yes I say I was hesitant coz my computer had crashed a couple of times earlier due to some spam. But anyways I went thru the whole thing & then it seemed to be the longest day of my life as I kept waiting for G to get home & show him my discovery .
G gave me a big nod saying "yes you can do it here & document whatever you like" I spent all of the next day setting up my blog & both of us were pretty amused by the fact that with my limited knowledge of computers I had set up the whole page myself- the credit really goes to Google for giving us the space & the tools to design our kitchens . Thanks Google.

This 2& 1/2 month journey from my kitchen to yours has been so beautiful, I now have 41 friends who take out the time to compliment each of my creations. I am really touched by the overwhelming response. It is your support , your comments & compliments  that keep me going. Every morning as soon as G leaves for work I hop onto my computer to get in touch with each of our kitchens. Thankyou guys for sharing so much & for giving so much.
Also I would like to Thank my husband Gautam ( although thankyou is a very small word for what all he does for me) for sporting me all through , designing, taking pictures & making changes whenever required.
I would like to extend my regards & thanks to Sobha Of" Good Food " who has shared 3 beautiful awards with me. My 23rd post & 3 awards already.......I still cannot believe it.  But moving forward I will be sharing  a very colourful dish with you all today  which is really an expression of my feelings & a big compliment for all the wonderful friends I've made during this journey.
Lots & Lots of Hugs  to you all........