Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Banana Stuffed Croissant

Banana Stuffed Croissant


1 medium sized butter croissant
1 tablespoon Cream cheese
1 tablespoon Nutella ( hazlenut spread)
2 small bananas sliced
11/2  tablespoon brown sugar
1 egg ( optional)
1/4 cup milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
Confectioners sugar ( optional)
Fresh seasonal fruit


1.Slice croissant in the centre all the way through( as we would do with a bun )
2. Spread  cream cheese on both sides & a layer of nutella on top of the cream cheese .
3. Toss 1 banana slices with a tablespoon of brown sugar in a pan & cook just enough for the sugar to caramelize & coat the banana slices.
4. Place all the  caramelized banana slices on top of nutella & close the croissant. ( just like we do with a sandwich)
5. Now combine egg , milk , 1/2 tablespoon sugar & vanilla extract in a bowl & blend well ( egg is optional)
6. Heat a pan on medium heat, coat with  butter or oil , dip the croissant in the prepared batter &  cook in the pan until it turns golden & crisp, now turn to the other side & repeat the process. The croissant should be perfectly golden & crisp on both sides.
7. Transfer the croissant to a serving platter , & sprinkle some confectioners sugar with the help of a small sieve. Top with more slices of  banana & seasonal fresh fruit.

This recipe was adapted from In the kitchen the Costco Way

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