Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberries & Cream


6-8 Strawberries
2 Tablespoon cream cheese
2 Tablespoon confectioners sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 tablespoon melted baking chocolate

1.Wash strawberries, cut the green stems so that strawberries can sit flat on the serving platter.
2. Now with a sharp knife cut an X  on each starwberry  approximately to the middle of the berry. Do not go all the way down as this tends to break the strawberries.
3. Pinch the strawberry with your fingertips & the top of the berry will open like petals.
4.Whip cream cheese, sugar & vanilla  extract together in a small bowl until it begins to form small peaks.
5. Fill cream cheese in a pastry bag with a star tip , a ziplock bag can also be used/ just transfer the  cream cheese to  one corner of the bag.....just fold & hold it tight & cut a small hole in the corner of the bag.
6. Fill each strawberry with creamcheese with the help of the piping bag, drizzle with melted chocolate with the help of a spoon.

These can be refigerated for 3-4 hours. 

Banana Stuffed Croissant

Banana Stuffed Croissant


1 medium sized butter croissant
1 tablespoon Cream cheese
1 tablespoon Nutella ( hazlenut spread)
2 small bananas sliced
11/2  tablespoon brown sugar
1 egg ( optional)
1/4 cup milk
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
Confectioners sugar ( optional)
Fresh seasonal fruit


1.Slice croissant in the centre all the way through( as we would do with a bun )
2. Spread  cream cheese on both sides & a layer of nutella on top of the cream cheese .
3. Toss 1 banana slices with a tablespoon of brown sugar in a pan & cook just enough for the sugar to caramelize & coat the banana slices.
4. Place all the  caramelized banana slices on top of nutella & close the croissant. ( just like we do with a sandwich)
5. Now combine egg , milk , 1/2 tablespoon sugar & vanilla extract in a bowl & blend well ( egg is optional)
6. Heat a pan on medium heat, coat with  butter or oil , dip the croissant in the prepared batter &  cook in the pan until it turns golden & crisp, now turn to the other side & repeat the process. The croissant should be perfectly golden & crisp on both sides.
7. Transfer the croissant to a serving platter , & sprinkle some confectioners sugar with the help of a small sieve. Top with more slices of  banana & seasonal fresh fruit.

This recipe was adapted from In the kitchen the Costco Way

Monday, June 27, 2011

Baked Kulcha


Baked Kulchas: Indian Flatbread


I tsp active dry yeast
1 tsp sugar or honey
1/2 cup of lukewarm water
21/2  cups all purpose flour (maida)
1/4th tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp oil
1/2 cup yogurt


1. Mix together yeast and  sugar in 1/2 cup lukewarm water/ let it sit for about 10 mins until froth forms on the liquid.
2.Sift  together  2 cups of flour , baking soda & salt  in a large mixing bowl . Keep aside 1/2 cup of flour for later use.
3. As the yeast mixture is ready , make  a well in the flour , add the yeast mixture, oil & yogurt & mix well. The dough will  be very soft &  sticky .
4. Transfer this dough to a chopping board or any clean surface , sprinkle some flour & knead the dough for 8-10 mins incorporating the 1/2 cup of flour that we kept aside.
5. If using a stand mixer we can use the same process & knead the dough on slow for 8-10 mins ( I used the stand mixer)
6. AS the dough is ready transfer it into a well greased bowl, cover with a damp cloth & let it sit for a min. 4 Hrs.
7. The dough must have risen  4-5 times. Now punch down  the dough into its original size , knead again for 2-3 mins & divide it into 10 equal parts shaping it into small balls.
8. With the help of a rolling pin roll the balls into half inch thick rounds or a shape of your choice ( I did the oblong ones)
9. Transfer on to a greased baking sheet one inch apart, cover with a damp cloth & let it sit for another 20-25 mins to let the dough rise a little.
10. Heat oven to 450 C . & bake for about 12-15 mins or until they turn slightly pink on the top.
      Brush with butter & parsley while still hot. In India Kulchas are served with Chole ( chickpea curry)
but can be served with your choice of curry or even a soup.